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SUNDAYS ARE STUPID Sunday, a day for mental health & relaxation. But, instead I feel like I'm going to vomit all over the fucking house. I don't know why, but it's not going away.
I'M THAT ASSHOLE It's your day off, don't relax. Let's go visit your grandmother. It's your day off, don't relax. Let's go visit your auntie. You have to use up all your free time to visit your family because if you don't, you're just that asshole. I'm that asshole.
LIFE'S A JOKE It seems to me that life is a goddamn joke. Everything you do and say is a goddamn joke. You don't think everything you speak in words sounds like nonsense? It sounds like- blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
TOMMY 01:26
TOMMY I'm going to tell you a story, really quick. There was this guy, he had grey hair, He didn't like it very much. He was emotionally detached and there was a lot of depression and anxiety problems. So, he started this 4-piece band, they called it Grizzlor. Or actually the bandmates called it Grizzlor because he doesn't think of ideas like that. So, when he started to lose his fucking mind because he wasn't sure where he was and he always felt weird every goddamn day. He went down to the Home Depot down the street, ya know, and he bought a rope. And he hung himself right in his back fucking yard. The end.
WINTER BLOWS I can't feel my fingers, I can't feel my toes. I can't feel my face, everything's going numb. I gotta shovel my car out before I can even leave. Fuck going to the store to even buy a pack of smokes. I'm not going anywhere.
WAR MACHINE I carry this futuristic device, it's really cool. It never leaves my side, it's always right here next to me. This technology is taking over, pretty soon it's going to speak for you. I have this futuristic device, it's really cool. It never leaves your fucking side, It's always right there glued to you.
STARSHIP MOTHER SHIT Beam me up Scotty, to the Starship Mother Shit. I'd rather be anywhere else but here, ya know? Get me off this planet that we call Earth. Beam me up Scotty, to the Starship Mother Shit. I'd rather be anywhere else but this fucking place, ya know? Get me off this forsaken planet. Beam me up Scotty.


"No room. This noise-punk record packs a couple hours of inventive, oddball ideas into about 10 minutes, and they have a song called 'Sundays Are Stupid', so it's really goddamn great."

-Decibel Magazine

"Noise rock riffage riding a mastodon through a swamp."

-Revolver Magazine

"On this new release they boil down each song to its essence of fuzzed out angular riffs, pummeling bass and pounding drums. No song goes over the two minute mark. Grizzlor uses this brevity to their advantage... Grizzlor has stepped up to the plate and delivered one killer slab of noise rock on this release. Here’s hoping it raises their profile significantly, not only in the noise rock community, but also in the larger, national, loud rock scene. It deserves your attention."

-Thomas Pizzola, New Noise Magazine

"It’s nice to see a band that’s clearly catering to no one, just wearing the clothes they own and not thinking twice about it, naming their band after a He-Man character and not worrying that it might not impress you. That comes through their music too, which plays out like a young and rowdy take on Helmet and Unsane – Grizzlor certainly don’t have the guitar rigs to match, but they’ve got the feistiness that any band who is used to playing to more than fifty people a night has surely lost. There are seven songs on this 7″, and to be perfectly candid, I’d happily accept seven more."

-Matt Korvette of Pissed Jeans, Yellow Green Red

"Man, Hex Records does it again. Grizzlor is a slow, heavy band with loud, plodding drums and huge guitar riffs. They're definitely influenced by AmRep stuff of the '90s. The singer has a growling, shouting, ranting delivery. They belt out tongue-in-cheek screeds about bitterness and being a loser, with occasional diversions into insight. I like 'War Machine', where he rants about smart phones. Trust me, it's all in the delivery. I know The Melvins and Killdozer are pretty much untouchable, but the former take themselves far too seriously these days and the latter are no more. So give Grizzlor a shot."

-Craven Rock, Razorcake, Issue #91

"As declared at the end of 'Winter Blows' this album is downright relentless. I would recommend this band to everybody that I know but especially those that like to crush some beer and forget about all of the dumb shit that is happening in the world while blasting crunchy space tunes at maximum volume."

-Matt Jamison, Bearded Gentlemen Music

"Ever wondered what the Melvins would sound like if they were three times faster with a tenth of the attention span? New Haven trio, Grizzlor, are here to provide the answer... Each track is a barrage of filthy, lumbering Flipper-style bass lines and riffs that sound like Clutch on downers. Effected vocals and pitched down samples sit on top of this to add an acid-fried weirdness to proceedings, echoing crazy Texans, Butthole Surfers."

-Charlie Butler, The Sludgelord, UK

"While the mythical creature this EP is named after may have had singular vision, the singular vision of Grizzlor on these tracks is to smack you right in the mouth and steal your beer and weed in the process. Grizzlor pull no punches. Their blend of noise rock with elements of everything from sludge to grunge is potent in both its attack and the impression it leaves. Tracks like “Tommy” and album-opener “Sundays Are Stupid” seem to brand themselves to that dark part of the human psyche that craves the animalistic destruction of all things pure and innocent."

-Chip McCabe, Metal Insider

"[Cycloptic] seems to be an EP centered around minor complaints/annoyances like the weather and how much everyone hates Sundays. I don’t necessarily hate [Sundays], but I do find them to be rather boring… which makes the song “Sundays are Stupid” kind of impressive in a way, in that they could muster up such an amount of aggression over a day that is likely the most mundane of the week. Kudos, guys."

-Built on a Weak Spot, BOAWS. org

"The 7 track 7” EP is sonic irresistibility as intoxicating as it is bruising and ravenously intrusive. This time around Grizzlor have not so much polished but stripped down their sludgy, hardcore trespass to its textured bones which in turn has fanned the fires of spiteful imagination and searing diversity. The result is something glorious, with Grizzlor now not so much one of our favourite propositions of the past twelve months since they first nudged our personal attention, but of punk/rock as a whole."

-Pete, Ringmaster Review

"...this album – and in fact Grizzlor’s entire catalog – reads like a laundry list of the things they revile. Lazy Sundays, visits with Grandma, cold weather – anything is fair game! And while the vocals are processed and buried to such an extent that lyrics are often indiscernible, Grizzlor’s whole sound never fails to exude a perpetual attitude of sickened disapproval."

-Joe Mastracchio, The Bent Unit

"Noise rock power trio from Hell, Grizzlor returns with a new 7 song, ass-whoompin', crunchy, noise rock behemoth... blasting at maximum volume!"

-Derek Hahn, Staticfraction

"...the third release for Grizzlor, who have never engraved as many tunes on the same record and, at the same time, have never done one as short. The record is filled all the way to the mouth with seven pieces that never venture beyond two minutes. The faster it is, the more treacherous it is. The trio from New Haven strike into the hard and the crushing, making their rhythms heavier, and simplifying the animal soul that has been animating them since their debut."

-Xavier, Perte & Fracas, France

"...Cycloptic – is a violent blast from start to finish. Unapologetic in tone and nature, these guys blast their way through a ton of heavy grizzled sludge vibes... Fast paced riffs all delivered under 2 mins, which allows the band to show off their musical skills. Yeah it's down-right ugly at times, but you can't deny how catchy their songs can be..."

-Steve Howe, Outlaws of the Sun

"Lot of noise, lot of fuckall, not too many songs... most of which hover on either side of 90 seconds apiece... Dissonance, grit and tension pervade the offering front to back. If Grizzlor are playing in the basement, somebody’s gonna call the cops."

-The Obelisk

"This sucks, big time."

-Kenny G fan


released October 28, 2015

Hex Records, Syracuse - HXR035
All songs and lyrics by GRIZZLOR, 2015
Recorded & mixed by Victor Dowgiallo, Hermit Cave Studios
Mastered by Stu McKillop, Rain City Recorders, Vancouver, BC
Artwork by Nerdgore, layout by John Mo


all rights reserved



GRIZZLOR New Haven, Connecticut

Noise rock power trio from Hell.


grizzlordestroys [@] gmail [dot] com

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